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Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Design is the core of G&W’s Engineering Services. Accurate and thorough design documents translate to accurate estimating and clarity of scope for the construction team.

G&W Engineering's objective is to provide innovative sustainable facility solutions while maximizing the client's investment. We provide facility consulting and engineering services in a variety of forms, including...


When investing in your property or purchasing new facilities, it is critical to perform proper due diligence. Evaluating the overall condition of the property, identifying the remaining useful life, and anticipating replacement costs for the building systems can protect you from unanticipated expenses.


When detailed Construction Documents are not desired, Bridging Documents or Criteria can provide information needed to keep the job on track. G&W Engineering provides these services to several D-B Contractors, Construction Managers, and Architects throughout the country.


Energy Audits and Energy Modeling allow us to evaluate the total consumption of energy within a building.  G&W Engineering then uses that information to identify opportunities to reduce energy expenses. This translates into both long term and short term savings for the building owners.   


Sustainability should be a part of every project. Many projects are submitted for LEED Accreditation in order to highlight the sustainability efforts. Evaluating the cost and benefits of submitting for LEED Certification, including priority sustainability items, are services provided by G&W Engineering. We want to help you make the best decision to meet your goals.  

G&W Engineering continues to expand our services through Building Envelope Consulting. Conditioning systems cannot perform properly if buildings have excess air leakage or moisture intrusion. That is why G&W Engineering provides design review, forensic investigations and consulting related to building enclosures. These services include a full range of on-site field testing



G&W Engineering provides third party, non-bias Owner's Representation services. These services help protect owners that may not be familiar with the systems or needs of their properties. Working directly for the owner, G&W Engineering can protect their risk and help them obtain the best value on their projects.


Technology is increasingly being integrated into our facilities. Having non-proprietary systems to ensure that you have flexible and adaptable systems is key. We design custom ICT solutions to make sure your Communication and IT systems work together and are flexible for future upgrades.



Efficiently operating a building is not as simple as turning all of the systems on and hoping they work. Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning ensures that all of those systems are operating as intended and are working together to enhance the overall performance of your building.


Civil Engineering is the fastest growing service line at G&W. Our Civil Engineering service focuses on feasibility studies, land planning, re-zoning processes, site civil, storm water management, regulatory approvals and SWPPP.


“I have had nothing but good experiences with G&W Engineering in the last 8 to 10 years. From the $500 project to the $1.5 Million. G&W Engineering is very professional, friendly, and I look forward to working with them in the future.”     

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