January Update

It’s hard to believe that we are in the last week of January. The early chill in October pales in comparison to the Polar Vortex. A sincere THANK YOU to all of the public works employees who do their best to keep the roads clear, building managers who keep heating systems working efficiently in order to keep us warm and to public servants who are checking on stranded motorist and elderly this time of year. It takes a team to keep everything moving forward.

Speaking of team…who is ready for Superbowl? It’s fair to assume St. Louisan’s will not be rooting for the Rams. We have our football squares and side bets going here at G&W but for us it’s not about the game, it’s more about the comradery and the meaning being the word TEAM.

The G&W Team is still growing in 2019! We are looking for the right team players to join us in our Civil and MEP Departments. The growth we experienced in 2018 happened by hiring the right people, at the right time, for the right job and we look forward to doing the same in 2019! Adding to our team in January, we welcomed Ric Tourville, Senior Electrical Designer. We also celebrated 51 YEARS of combined service with work anniversaries of Darrell Jacobs (6 years), Brandon Wolk (5 years), Scott Voyles (1 year), Andy Ellis (14 years), and Jeff Abt (25 years). We also had two Differentiator Award winners from our civil group who have displayed excellence and exceptional client satisfaction, congratulations to Andy Sutton and Sean Ackley.

Check back later this week for a follow-up on the World Record Baseball Game benefiting Siteman Kids, until then stay warm!

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