June Update

Summer is officially here and that means some exciting updates for G&W, including Casual Fridays and early dismissal on Fridays! G&W encourages its employees to further pursue Professional Engineering Licenses and Certifications so we started a bonus program to award the employees that accomplish this.

For our birthdays this month we are celebrating Wind Fuller- Happy Birthday Wind! G&W is also celebrating a few work anniversaries this month. Terry will be celebrating one year while Marcus and Seth will be celebrating five years with G&W. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to our team!

We welcomed three interns to our team! This summer Andrew N., Marc J. G., and Gracie M., will be with us.

G&W kicked off G&W University earlier this month! Our first session was a success, with the topic of high-rises. Our next session will be next week and we are eager to learn more about BIM and Revit design from other members of the team.

Be on the lookout for some big changes to our website. We are in the process of revamping our webpage and the changes will be published soon! We have also launched a Google+ page and will be adding a YouTube page soon, so be sure to check back often for more updates.

Lastly, G&W is proud to be part of the KIDstruction campaign, hosted by St. Louis Children's Hospital. The kick off for KIDstruction is June 26th. This campaign asks those in the construction and design industries to donate $1 or more for every hour worked during "KIDstruction Week." G&W will be participating beginning in July as part of our #GWgives campaign. If you would like to start a team of your own or support our team, we will post a link to do so in July.

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