Employee Spotlight | Dustin S.

Considering our recent #GWgives post, this is the perfect opportunity to highlight Dustin S., one of G&W’s Project Managers. Dustin’s family was featured in our #GWgives write-up for their efforts to raise funds for a new playground structure to honor their daughter. Dustin’s typical work day varies as a project manager. His week bounces between times of working on the design of mechanical and plumbing systems, to project/client meetings, budgeting and fee estimates, and mentoring.

Q: Why did you choose engineering?

  • I have always enjoyed tinkering with things and figuring out how things work, fixing them (sometimes breaking them!) and trying to make them better. Engineering was a perfect fit!

Q: When you are not working, what do you enjoy to do in your free time?

  • I enjoy spending time with family and friends, cooking and BBQing, pheasant and quail hunting with my Dad and brother in the fall.

Q: What is your favorite part about working at G&W?

  • The people! Everyone is great to work with and we all work towards a common goal; we are a very team oriented bunch. Also, the management stresses and practices open communication among all in the company.

Q: What is something you would like to learn to do?

  • Computer coding. I just don’t get the language. So what better way than to learn about it! Maybe I’ll make the next great app, HA!

Q: Where is your favorite place to be?

  • Destin, FL. We vacation there every year; it is our family’s favorite place!

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