From Student to Engineer

Recent grad of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Terry Taborn Jr, headed back to school. This time instead of hitting the books and attending classes, Terry came back to SIUE as a consulting engineer.

Terry completed his mechanical engineering degree at SIUE in May, and was hired by G&W Engineering in June of 2017.

As part of ongoing training, Terry was sent back to SIUE to perform AAMA 501.2 Spray Nozzle Testing on SIUE’s student fitness center. This test involved applying pressurized water to the testing area in five foot increments and five minute intervals. The purpose of this is to simulate storm conditions.

While Terry was outside spraying water at the test area, a supervisor was inside watching for any signs of water breaching the building envelope. There is an allowable amount of water that can get inside of a window but if this limit is passed within 5 minutes, the area fails the test.

This test is done to figure out exactly how water is getting into the building. G&W Engineering is then able to make recommendations on how they can fix the problem.

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