November Updates

November is here, so that means it’s time for our monthly update. If you’re anything like us, you can’t believe it’s already November! The year is coming to an end and G&W has been more active than ever.

With all of the hard-work put in throughout the year by our employees, G&W wanted to show its appreciation by having a “G&W Employee Day” at this month’s lunch and learn. So, once lunch hit, G&W took the rest of the day to celebrate one another. Employees enjoyed a pot luck lunch and games throughout the afternoon. It was truly a great day enjoyed by all.

Besides the recent G&W Employee Day, G&W has a lot more to celebrate and share with you this November.

To start, we have a handful of employee anniversaries that need to be recognized. We would like to congratulate and thank Steve Loher for 14 years, Wind Fuller for 10 years, Kevin Brown for 5 years, and David Guiot for 3 years of service!

We also have a couple of November birthdays that we would like to share. This month we will be celebrating Chuck Voltz and Seth Marton!

The celebration continues with a new project manager addition to the team, Amanda Buchheit! Amanda is a great asset to our team and we couldn’t be more excited to have her aboard.

Additionally, we have been setting social media goals to achieve each month. We have hit goals and seen substantial growth in our online presence and engagements since doing so. While we are able to celebrate goals we have achieved, we are motivated to further that growth this month. We would like to thank all of our employees, family, clients, and followers for helping us make this happen!

To round out our update, let's end with an update on G&W’s involvement in the community. For the rest of 2017 we will be hosting our own food and toy drive to support The Little Bit Foundation. Employees are encouraged to bring in food and toys that can be donated to the foundation. As a company, we are very excited to get involved and hopefully make a difference in lives around us.

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