Your Birthday Is a Holiday

Here at G&W, we place a great deal of value on each one of our employees. We want to make sure the dedication and time put in by our employees does not go unnoticed. To accomplish this, G&W has decided to make our employee’s birthdays a holiday!

How this works is when it is an employee’s birthday, they have the option to take that day off as their own personal holiday. If their birthday happens to fall on a weekend or national holiday, they still have the option to apply their “birthday day” to a work day.

Most employees are compelled to use PTO for doctor appointments, taking care of family members, and scheduling other day-to-day appointments. Instead, this gives our employees the opportunity to spend their day exactly how they want to. No interruptions and more “me” time.

By giving our employees a day off to celebrate themselves, our goal was to continue our positive employee morale. We not only wanted to increase our employee engagement, but we wanted to increase the happiness of our employees as well. After all, happy employees = productive employees right?:)

Creating our birthday holiday benefit speaks volumes to the G&W culture. We constantly strive to increase the lives and well being of our employees. This was just a small act G&W could do to give back and say thank you to our employees.

So go celebrate YOU!

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