Caterpillar Hydraulic Excavator Plant
Victoria, Texas
Forum Studio
900,000 square feet
Mechanial Engineering
Plumbing Engineering

G&W was selected to provide the Mechanical and Plumbing system and infrastructure design for the new production complex which consists of the following: 


Building B -- Assembly /Building A -Office / Building C- Logistics: uses are connected into one building of approximately 633,775 GSF. Building B-Assembly is approximately 480,362 GSF, Building A-Office is approximately 31,459 GSF and Building C-Logistics is approximately 121,954 GSF. Primary functions include assembly, subassembly, storage, shipping, receiving, office, training, medical and meeting areas. Building Occupancies include Group F-1 Equipment Assembly Bays, G roup S-1 and Group F-1 Logistics Storage and Loading Docks, Receiving and Shipping Operations, Group B Office Areas, and Accessory (assembly occupancy) Meeting Areas.


Building F -- Sub-Assembly / Paint: Approximately 206,560GSF. Primary functions include Subassembly Bays, Logistics storage, Paint Booth Area, Loading Dock and Compactors, Office Areas, and Paint Storage and Mixing within a separated cut-off room. Building Occupancies include Group F-1 Equipment Assembly Bays, Paint Group S-1 and Group F-1 Logistics and Loading Docks, Receiving and Shipping Operations, Group B Office Areas Group H2 for Paint Storage and Mixing.


Building Z -- PDI/PDA. Approximately 53,400 GSF. Primary functions include Repair and Inspection Bays, Paint Booth, Small Office Area, and Tool Shop. Occupancies include Group F-1 Equipment Inspection and Repair, Group B Office.


Building Y-1 Gate House. Approximately 680 GSF. Functions include Security areas, Break room, and Security Equipment room. Group B occupancy.


Building Y-2 Pump House. Approximately 300 GSF. Functions to house fire pump for site. Group F-1 occupancy.


Building X Shipping Office. Approximately 530 GSF. Pre-manufactured mobile office trailer. Group B occupancy.


Site Area T Flammable Liquids in Outside Site Area.


G&W plumbing design consisted the roof drainage, process drainage, internal plumbing and compressed air systems for this facility. 


G&W mechanical design consisted of the chilled water plant of a 2,400 ton variable speed water cooled chillers, cooling tower and variable primary pumping system to serve Building B and F.  G&W designed a 90 ton VAV packaged rooftop system for Building A and 157 tons for Building Z.  G&W designed the process natural gas distribution system and ventilation systems for the site and to serve process and paint equipment.