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World Record Baseball Game

If you have not read Start With Why by Simon Sinek, I highly recommend it! We all do things for a reason, and we all have a purpose in life. Knowing what that purpose is and embracing it is the key to a successful life…in my humble opinion. So, let’s start the year off by answering this fundamental question… WHY did I agree to play baseball for 80+ hours over the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend? Was it because my calendar was open and I’m a fan of the game? Not exactly! St. Louis Children’s Hospital was hoping to fund a MIBG therapy center here in St. Louis. The MIBG therapy is a highly concentrated and highly focused radiation treatment that helps children fight rare forms of cancer. There ar

January Update

It’s hard to believe that we are in the last week of January. The early chill in October pales in comparison to the Polar Vortex. A sincere THANK YOU to all of the public works employees who do their best to keep the roads clear, building managers who keep heating systems working efficiently in order to keep us warm and to public servants who are checking on stranded motorist and elderly this time of year. It takes a team to keep everything moving forward. Speaking of team…who is ready for Superbowl? It’s fair to assume St. Louisan’s will not be rooting for the Rams. We have our football squares and side bets going here at G&W but for us it’s not about the game, it’s more about the comrader

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