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#GWgives Drive

This holiday season, G&W Engineering will be hosting a drive under our #GWgives campaign to donate items to The Little Bit Foundation. We will be displaying a Christmas tree in our front lobby for items to collect under. If you would like to personally donate with G&W, you can send your items to 138 Weldon Parkway Maryland Heights, MO, or contact an employee to make other arrangements. G&W is collecting items now through December 15th. All items donated will be delivered to The Little Bit Foundation on December 18th. Below is a list of the items needed: "The Little Bit Foundation is an army of supporters giving, serving and advocating for impoverished children in St. Louis. Our philosophy: w

Employee Spotlight | Wind Fuller

This month’s employee spotlight features Wind Fuller, a G&W Engineering Mechanical and Plumbing Designer. As a Mechanical and Plumbing Designer, Wind designs the systems that make buildings comfortable and sanitary. On a typical work day, Wind reviews equipment submittals, designs HVAC or plumbing systems, draws CAD HVAC or plumbing systems, and generally keeps projects moving toward completion. Q: When you are not working, what do you enjoy to do in your free time? Family activities - we stay very active with our children’s activities, school functions, sleepovers and such. We kind of live vicariously through our kids. Outdoor activities I enjoy are fishing, hiking, hunting, and gardening.

From Student to Engineer

Recent grad of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Terry Taborn Jr, headed back to school. This time instead of hitting the books and attending classes, Terry came back to SIUE as a consulting engineer. Terry completed his mechanical engineering degree at SIUE in May, and was hired by G&W Engineering in June of 2017. As part of ongoing training, Terry was sent back to SIUE to perform AAMA 501.2 Spray Nozzle Testing on SIUE’s student fitness center. This test involved applying pressurized water to the testing area in five foot increments and five minute intervals. The purpose of this is to simulate storm conditions. While Terry was outside spraying water at the test area, a supervisor

November Updates

November is here, so that means it’s time for our monthly update. If you’re anything like us, you can’t believe it’s already November! The year is coming to an end and G&W has been more active than ever. With all of the hard-work put in throughout the year by our employees, G&W wanted to show its appreciation by having a “G&W Employee Day” at this month’s lunch and learn. So, once lunch hit, G&W took the rest of the day to celebrate one another. Employees enjoyed a pot luck lunch and games throughout the afternoon. It was truly a great day enjoyed by all. Besides the recent G&W Employee Day, G&W has a lot more to celebrate and share with you this November. To start, we have a handful of empl

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